Product overview / Basil

For a bold taste!

One of the earliest spices in the national cuisines of Caucasus and Central Asia.

Beneficial properties

  • Enhances the overall body tone;
  • Eliminates many kinds of harmful protozoa; stimulates appetite;
  • Contains vitamin E and pro-vitamin A; stimulates digestion and immunodefence;
  • Enhances heart activity;
  • Сalming effect on the human nervous system.


Basil leaves are used as self-starters and seasoning. In Azerbaijan the seeds are used for flavoring drinks, salads, pies, and soups (chicken, dairy, cereal, and vegetable soups). Basil is added to dishes of lamb meat, beef, offal, poultry, as well as forced meat.


Basil is often used in combination with other spices. A mixture of basil and rosemary gains peppery smell, when combined with savory, it enhances the heat of dishes. Basil blends well with marjoram, parsley, coriander, mint, and tarragon.